A Breakthrough in Clear Coat Technology

Duratec High Gloss Topcoat for Epoxy Parts

Duratec® Sunshield Clear 904-061 is a unique polyester topcoat that is compatible with epoxy, vinyl ester and polyester resins and can be applied to epoxy laminates as an in-mold or post-mold coating.

Sunshield cures to a durable surface with excellent gloss levels and great scratch resistance. 904-061 also provides excellent UV resistance with 50% more resistance to yellowing than a commercial ISO NPG UV, making it a perfect coating for epoxy, vinyl ester and polyester parts. 

Sunshield is not applied like traditional clear gel coat.  Catalysed at 1.5 – 2% by weight with a full strength MEKP, Sunshield can be sprayed in 12 minutes.  A light mist coat is sprayed on, followed by additional coats of 4-5 mils, to an overall thickness of between 12-15 mils, to produce a smooth, pit-free surface, reducing cycle time and labour.Available in US 1 gallon cans and backed with excellent instructions to ensure an exceptional finish every time, Duratec 904-061 Sunshield Clear Topcoat is available from ATL Composites and Trade Distributors throughout Australia.

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