Divinycell – Always at the Core of your Solution

For more than 30 years, Divinycell has been the first choice of leading producers of sandwich composite structures around the world.

Over three decades, the properties of Divinycell foams have been continuously enhanced and improved so that it continues to be ideal for the vast majority of sandwich composite applications.

Divinycell foams are compatible with virtually all commonly used resin systems ( vinyl ester, polyester and epoxy) and has been used in land transportation, marine ( pleasure, military and commercial) wind energt, civil engineering/infrastructure and general industrial markets.

Most importantly, Divinycell offers high strength to weight ratio in an ultra-wide density range and available in ready-to-use kits and various finishes.


Four of the most popular options in this all-purpose series include :

Divinycell H which provides excellent mechanical properties to low weight. The unique combination of polyuren and pvc, yields impressive mechanical performance.  Divinycell H is available in a wide range of densities from 45 kg/m3 through to 250 kg/to provide the optimum weight and strength from non-structural applications in interior furniture through to outstanding performance in  resistance to ghydricarbons for LNG storage insulation.

Divinycell H has been widely used and has a proven track record in virtually every application area where sandwich composites are employed including the marine (leisure, military and commercial), land transportation, wind energy, civil engineering/infrastructure and general industrial markets.

Divinycell HM is a high performance structural core designed for fast marine hulls where higher toughness is required.  Divinycell HM combines a very high shear strength with an outstanding shear elongation. As a result, Divinycell HM is an extremely tough product, capable of absorbing high dynamic impacts and slamming loads and it’s high compressive properties provide excellent resistance to denting and skin wrinkling of thin skins, and also offers a high operating temperature, reducing the risk of print on dark hull

Divinycell HP has been specifically developed to meet demands in high temperature systems, and low temperature prepreg systems. The unique combination of polyurea and pvc, yields impressive mechanical performance to a low weight. HP’s elevated temperature performance also extends to its ‘in service’ life as it will retain a high percentage of its mechanical properties despite exposure to high ambient temperatures. It offers high properties in all significant areas including mechanical performance, elongation to break, ductility, adhesion/peel strength, fracture toughness and dimensional stability.  Other key features of Divinycell HP include excellent chemical resistance, low water absorption and good thermal/acoustic insulation.



Divinycell P is based on PET, which makes it a recyclable, thermoplastic core material and provides excellent FST (fire,smoke & toxicity) properties, high temperature performance, very good fatigue properties, good mechanical characteristics and chemical resistance. It also offers excellent acoustic/thermal insulation properties and low water absorption.

Divinycell P is ideal for public transportation, industrial and wind energy applications.

The energy efficiency of a Divinycell sandwich makes it ideal for transport applications such as interior panelling, floors and exterior panels for trains, trams, buses and coaches. In the wind energy market it’s excellent properties and good processing characteristics means it can be used in both blades and nacelles.

In the industrial/construction market, the good mechanical and FST properties allows Divinycell P to be used for a wide variety of applications such as domes, architectural claddings, and industrial housings.

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