ECO-X 130 Naturally Better for the Surfboard Industry

ATL Composites is proud to release the KINETIX® ECO-X 130 Epoxy laminating system.  ECO-X is setting the benchmark for a sustainable, environmentally friendly surfboard lamination system that matches the demand and ever-increasing push for sustainable, eco-friendly products by environmentally conscious surfers. 

The ECO-X 130 is pushing the boundaries for a sustainable laminating system that has a reduced carbon footprint, utilises renewable resources and reduces the levels of VOC’s into the atmosphere. The ECO-X will allow surfboard manufacturers the ability to offer a high bio-based surfboard that does not compromise the technical performance of the board.

ATL’s KINETIX R110X set the industry standard for an epoxy system that offered the strongest, clearest, UV resistant epoxy that enhanced the brightness of white blanks. These characteristics of the R110X, are now available and  are optimised in an environmentally friendly option the “ECO-X R130”.

Manufacturers can expect the same handling and curing characteristics of the R110X and ECO-X can be used for the lamination of polystyrene (EPS) or polyurethane (PU) foam and engineered to bond with fibreglass, carbon, Kevlar, basalt and Innegra reinforcements.

Components used in the manufacture of ECO-X are made from renewable feedstock and by-product of existing industrial processes.  Production consumes less energy and water than standard petroleum based epoxies, and also reduces wastes and green-house gas emission.

The KINETIX ECO-X 130 System, mixed with 125 Standard or H130 Fast hardeners, has a confirmed 20% bio-based carbon content**   in the cured system.  

**Independently tested by Beta Analytic, Inc, to ASTM D6866-16 Method B (AMS)

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