New TECHNIGLUE R85 Bonds at High Temperatures

ATL is proud to announce our newest formulation  TECHNIGLUE R85,  a structural, toughened adhesive paste with high thermal performance that can be used in industrial bonding in applications that are subject to elevated temperatures up to 120°C.

The TECHNIGLUE® epoxy adhesive range manufactured by ATL Composites includes systems suitable for secondary bonding of fibre-reinforced composite parts, and multi-purpose bonding of timber, concrete and stone, through to highly toughened adhesives suitable for the structural bonding of metals, particularly aluminium and steel, where high peel strength is required.

Suitable for bonding a wide variety of materials including metals and ceramics, and suitable for pre-preg applications, the new high temperature resistant Techniglue R85 has excellent gap filling ability and high sag resistance for vertical bonding applications.   R85 has an easy to use 2:1 mix ratio (at volume) and the resin and hardener have been pigmented to provide a visual reference that the components are thoroughly mixed.

To view the R85 Technical Data Sheet please visit

Before new products are introduced to the market, ATL industrial chemists produce prototype samples that undergo comprehensive testing, both in-house and independently, for mechanical performance, cure development and thermal analysis.

ATL Composites believe this is essential for the development of improved epoxy formulations, and assures that all new products will meet mechanical performance expectations in the marketplace.

ATL Composites is ISO 9001:2015 certified and has been committed to providing quality products and services for over 40 years.    







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