Techniglue H15 Slow – Toughness and Time

Techniglue R15 and H15 Standard continues to be a popular combination for bonding  in metal to metal and composite to metal applications offering excellent adhesion, high compressive and tensile strengths, along with high chemical resistance. 

With the same 1 to 1 mix ratio, our new H15 Slow will expand the versatility of this system by providing twice the pot life and working time of the Standard hardener, making it ideal for use in warmer conditions and on larger, or more complex bonding projects.

“Techniglue R15 has proven under high stress,
  high temperature and humidity, to never fail and give
  exceptional, durable results.”

  (Geoff Willames, Williames Tea Pty Ltd)

Available in 1 ltr, 2 ltr and 8 ltr packs, manufacturers can expect excellent results when the surfaces to be bonded are well-prepared  –
all surfaces should be clean and free from grease and loose particles, and both surfaces prepared to a uniform, finely-roughened,  matt finish.

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